Friday, 1 July 2011

#teamtoronto AZ-Murda On The Daily f Cormega

We'll go ahead and call this one a gem taken from the time capsule, because the New York City fresh gravel grit the junction of AZ and Cormega drop is nothing short of that mid-90s borough Mafioso sound that has diffused as the progressive youth of the game continue to push forward an evolution of what some are already treating as an ancient sound.I haven't dug up anything on the origin of this one--it might be from the joint album the duo had chatted out about until it closed down in December of 2009--but this late night baby grand drawn track has that ghetto crime chronicle tone to it, and is about as much as you could expect from a prime New York City street narrative.There's no word from either of the emcees on if this track's alluding to further collabs, so now we'll dig on it while hoping that there's more to come.Give "Murda On The Daily" a listen, throw up your thoughts, and hit the jump to AZ-Murda_On_The_Daily_f_Cormega-2dope.mp3

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