Monday, 6 June 2011

Prodigy Defends Rick Ross; Talks Collabs (Video)

     One-half of Mobb Deep, rapper Prodigy recently came to the defense of Rick Ross when it came to his previous career as a corrections officer.
"Rick Ross is just one rapper out of many that we've been reaching out to," P added. "Number one, aight, he a correction officer. Aight, so what? I know a lot of cops, I know a lot of corrections officers. I know some people that's on the other side of the criminal sh*t -- and just because you got that job or whatever, whatever, that doesn't necessarily mean that you a part of the people that's trying to target us and f*ck with us. Not all of the law enforcement gets down like that. It's a select few of them that do...That doesn't bother me that he was a corrections officer. Like, so what?" (This Is 50)
     Prodigy went on to talk about his conversation with 50 Cent about reaching out to artists for collaborations to help the Mobb Deep brand. 
"When I came home [from jail], 50 had come to see me, he had flew in from Cali to come and see me," P explained in an interview. "Before I did anything, I went straight from prison to the G-Unit office and then I came to the studio after that. When I stopped at the office, I had a talk with 50 and was telling him, 'Yo, right now, we're in a position where we gotta start doing songs with people. Mobb Deep. We gotta start doing songs with a lot of people. Different people.' Basically he was like, 'Yeah, you're right.' ... All this sh*t with n*ggas ain't doing songs with people, beefing with people, all that, we really trying to dead all that." (This Is 50)

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